England vs New Zealand, 2nd Test, Day 2 Highlights: Ollie Pope Hits Fifty, England Steady At Stumps In Reply To New Zealand's 553 | Cricket News (2024)

England vs New Zealand, 2nd Test, Day 2 Highlights: Ollie Pope Hits Fifty, England Steady At Stumps In Reply To New Zealand's 553 | Cricket News (1)

2nd Test, Day 2: Ollie Pope hit a half-century for England.© AFP

England vs New Zealand, 2nd Test, Day 2 Highlights: Ollie Pope hit a fine half-century as he and Alex Lees tookEngland to 90/1 at Stumps on Day 2 of the second Test after New Zealand scored 553. Trent Boult struck early for New Zealand early as he removed Zak Crawley with the final ball of the second over. Earlier, Daryl Mitchell played a 190-run knock while Tom Blundell scored 106 as New Zealand posted 553 runs on the board in the first innings of the ongoing second Test against England at Trent Bridge. For England, James Anderson returned with three wickets while Stuart Broad, Jack Leach and Ben Stokes took two each. New Zealand had resumed Day 2 at the overnight score of 318/4. Earlier, Mitchell andTom Blundell helped New Zealand recover from quick blows on Day 1.Opener Tom Latham and Will Young had earlier given New Zealand a strong start as the pair stitched 84 runs for the opening stand. However, both were dismissing off consecutive deliveries. England skipper Ben Stokes got the first breakthrough by removing Young (70), before James Anderson got the better of the stand-in Kiwi skipper Latham (26) on the first ball of the next over. Devon Conway (46) and incoming Henry Nicholls (30) had also stitched a brisk stand of 77 runs before Stokes and Anderson again struck in quick succession. For England, skipper Ben Stokes and James Anderson took two wickets each, as rest of the bowlers were made to pay for the decision to bowl on a batting-friendly pitch. (SCORECARD)

Here are the Highlights of Day 2 of the England vs New Zealand 2nd Test from the Trent Bridge in Nottingham

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  1. !

    We are back! The players are back too as New Zealand players take their respective field positions. Zak Crawleyand Alex Leesare the openers for England. Tim Southeeto start with the ball for New Zealand. Here we go...

  2. !

    … Second Innings …

  3. !

    Now, it is time for England to bat. They need to put on a good show on a wicket which is a good one to bat on. New Zealand on the other hand, need to be patient and just hit the right lines and lengths. They will love a couple of wickets before Stumps.

  4. !

    The England bowlers were made to toil hard. The wicket had nothing on offer for them. However, they will be a tad disappointed with freedom they let New Zealand score at. They though bowled a lot better today. All of their bowlers except for Root got a wicket at least. Anderson was the pick with a three-fer.

  5. !

    What a sublime knock from Daryl Mitchell. He was the highlight and along with Blundell, the reason as to why the Kiwis are in such a strong position. Yes, there were others who got off to starts too but it was the massive 200-plus stand between those two which is what has turned the tide in the visitors’ favor. Mitchell was unlucky to not get a double ton. He kept losing partners and then was the last one to fall but a tremendous effort from him.

  6. !

    Finally the New Zealand innings comes to an end and we believe they have batted themselves into a very good position here. Probably in one from where they can’t lose the game.

  7. 145.3


    Matthew Potts to Daryl Mitchell

    OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Daryl Mitchelldeparts finally and with that the New Zealand's innings also comes to an end. Aslower and wide delivery outside off, Daryl Mitchellreaches to cutit but gets a slight outside edge. The ball goes back to the keeper and Ben Foakesmakes no mistake taking a good low catch. England players come up to congratulate Daryl Mitchelland everyone gives him a standing ovation. New Zealandare bowled out for 553!

  8. 145.2


    Matthew Potts to Daryl Mitchell

    Good running! A full delivery on off. Mitchell just pushes it towards the long on and comes back for the second run.

  9. 145.1

    Matthew Potts to Daryl Mitchell

    A fullish delivery, around off. Mitchell swings across the line but misses.

  10. 144.6

    Stuart Broad to Trent Boult

    Broad continues his short-pitch stuff and angles this around leg. Boult ducks under it.

  11. 144.5

    Stuart Broad to Trent Boult

    Back of a length angling into the body. Boult blocks it awkwardly towards the off side.

  12. 144.4

    Stuart Broad to Trent Boult

    A short delivery around off. Boult lets it go.

  13. 144.3


    Stuart Broad to Daryl Mitchell

    A length delivery on off. Mitchell slogs it aerially towards long off. It falls in the vacant region and a single is taken.

  14. !

    We have a change of ball finally! The ball does not go through the gauge this time and England will finally get to replace this ball.Broad is ready with the new one and will steam in again.

  15. 144.2

    Stuart Broad to Daryl Mitchell

    Broad with a yorker, around off. Daryl Mitchelldigs it out.

  16. 144.1

    Stuart Broad to Daryl Mitchell

    Angling into pads. Mitchell works it to fine leg but denies a single.

  17. 143.6


    Jack Leach to Trent Boult

    FOUR! Another boundary and New Zealandnow reach 550! Another tossed up delivery on off. Almost a carbon copy of the last ball as Boult skips down the track and hammers it straight down the ground again. Boult is very happy with his shot and rightly so, these are crucial runs for New Zealand!

  18. 143.5


    Jack Leach to Trent Boult

    FOUR! This time he smashes it! A tossed up delivery on off. Boult charges down the track and slams it straight down the ground for a boundary.

  19. 143.4

    Jack Leach to Trent Boult

    This is outside off. Boult resist himself again and lets it go.

  20. 143.3

    Jack Leach to Trent Boult

    A flatter one on off. Boult blocks it out.

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England vs New Zealand, 2nd Test, Day 2 Highlights: Ollie Pope Hits Fifty, England Steady At Stumps In Reply To New Zealand's 553 | Cricket News (2024)
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